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What is a sialography?

Sialography studies the different salivary glands and the approach particularly in the assessment of salivary colic. It allows you to search calculations to determine their number and precise location. It highlights any defects or strictures of the ducts.

Conduct of the examination

The patient sat on the examining table, the radiologist performs snapshots prior to injection. In a second step, it introduces a small catheter to the inlet of the salivary gland. The patient may be asked to drink a few drops of lemon juice to increase saliva production and thus facilitate the examination. The radiologist will then inject the contrast will make the channel visible and the gland X-ray Snapshots are then carried out in different positions to study the contours of the gland. During their implementation it will not move. The examination is quick. It lasts about twenty minutes.

Potential risks of sialography

Complications are very rare. Thus, the contrast could potentially be responsible for allergic reactions.


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