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Too much chemical residue on the plate of our children!

According to the motion future generations, our children absorb in one day more than 80 chemicals, of which nearly half are classified as possible or probable carcinogens, and 5 in the proven carcinogens.

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In reaching this conclusion, a cart was filled with the foods most consumed in a day by children aged ten years. Thus 5 fruits and vegetables , a bottle of water, 3 products milk and some sweets were analyzed in the laboratory. These foods were not from organic farming, and they were purchased in various supermarkets.

81 chemicals, including heavy metals, pollutants and pesticides were identified. Please note, legal exposure limits are not exceeded, but the exposure of children is real and alarming.

This study aims to raise awareness among citizens and officials of the importance of environmental risk factors.

In other words, it encourages our children to eat fruits and vegetables, and other recommendations of the National Nutrition Health (PNNS), for their good health, while the latter, because of their toxic content, contribute example to increase the risk of cancer and reduce fertility …

 In practice

Recall that the only PNNS not recommend daily consumption of five fruits and vegetables a day, but three dairy products, and a decrease in the amount of salt, fat and sugary drinks.

To teach children to eat better, take them with you to shop on the market, get them involved in meal preparation. And indeed, limit the ready meals and processed products for the benefit of fresh food cooked “home”, less fatty, less salty, less sweet …

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