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To pick a safe food …

During a walk in the forest you have picked red berries (blackberries …) or fungi? Proud of your crop, now deploy a minimum of care, before the whole family enjoy …

Berries and vegetables can become contaminated by the urine or excrement of animals – fox, dog, cat – containing eggs of the parasite Echinococcus multilocularis. If these eggs tolerate fairly cool temperatures, they are rapidly killed by heat and desiccation.
In our latitudes, these parasites can therefore survive several months on a plant blueberries or strawberries … If you eat these berries, so you may be infected by ingestion of eggs developing the larval form of the parasite. This is why it is so important to wash the harvested forest products. Also note that although the presence of the parasite in domestic animals is still very little studied, it appears that contamination can also occur stroking a dog or cat that has not been RI suppressed.

The development of the larvae of this parasite can be daunting. This is likely to trigger necrosis because the liver and other viscera. Necrosis may occur with symptoms … 5 to 15 years after infestation. Vigilance is required.

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