Titanic: a biscuit sold 21,000 euro became the world’s most expensive

better to avoid planting it in a canine crackers, a survivor of the Titanic, October 24 sold to the English auction house and son Henry Aldridge, London. In addition to its expiry date largely exceeded, it also became the most expensive in the world with a biscuit sale price to 21,000 euros.

Aged 103 years, gluttony came from a survival kit of One of the lifeboats to the famous ocean liner, which sank in 1312 in the Atlantic after colliding with an iceberg. The crackers finally landed in the hands of James Fenwick, passenger on the “RMS Carpathia”, a nearby ship that helped the few survivors of the sinking. Witnessed the scene, he kept put it in an envelope to Kodak pictures.

The sweet relic, the entry intact, was eventually sold to a Greek bidder. A photo of the iceberg, responsible for the disaster, taken by a passenger after the collision, was also sold for 29,000 euros. Its authenticity, however, has not been confirmed.

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