This is why men and women think differently

Es por esto que los hombres y las mujeres piensan de forma diferente

We do not going to deny that men and women are very different. American comedian and doctor Mark Gungor is confident that the biggest difference is in the way the brains of men. Wreporter.com wants to share with you the translation and transcription of one of his performances in which, from the point of view of man, he explained very simply and aptly his view.

“Women are much more complex creatures than men. Men are very simple creatures. And the most important difference between the two is how it is designed thinking of each.

Let’s start with men. The brain of man is unique: it consists of small boxes, and boxes for everything we have. A box for cars, one for the money, a cash for work, and one for you: also for children and even your mother-in somewhere. We have boxes everywhere, and in this order there is an important rule: the boxes must not touch each other. When a man discusses a subject, he goes, looking for the box and brings it speaks just what’s in that box . Then he closes, and puts in place, albeit with much care not to touch another box arrives.

The brains of women is different from men’s brains. The brain of women is a big tangle of cables in which everything is connected to everything: money is connected to the car, the car is connected to work and money is connected to your mother. Everything is interrelated . It’s like a kind of high-speed internet powered by a force called “emotions”. That is one reason why women tend to remember everything. So anything related to emotions are stored in the memory of the women and they remember it forever. The same applies to men, but infrequently because honestly … we do not care.

Oh, and most important: the human brain is a box whose existence most women have no idea. It is a box in which there is nothing. True, until it is called “Empty box” . All the boxes in the brains of men that is his favorite. If he could be in that box all day, I would. That is why, for example, go fishing and sit and stare at a point, or watch television. Women can not do that. They do not understand what it is that is in “empty box”. And there’s nothing more to disturb a woman seeing a man who does nothing!

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