This dad came up with a brilliant idea to recycle used crayons

Bryan Ware , an imaginative parent who lives in San Francisco came up with a brilliant way to reuse usandos crayons schools and restaurants.

He had this idea in 2011 when he was celebrating his birthday at a restaurant. The waiter brought two of his sons some crayons. After that Bryan was curious to know what happened to those pieces of wax after being used for a couple of minutes; He discovered that going directly to the landfill. Then he thought he could give a better use: melt them down and send them to children in hospitals.

Every year 40 tons of wax crayons are thrown away.

But now Bryan Ware uses them to something very positive.

The melted and then the resulting wax poured into special molds .

In this way creates new crayons. One casting out 96 new crayons.

They are a bit thicker than what they were originally and children with motor difficulties can grab more easily.

Then, the “new” crayons are scattered all hospitals in California.

have already been distributed 2000 boxes as you see in this picture.

source: Bored Panda

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