The strange statue of Nefertiti unworthy Egypt

They also wanted their bust of the queen. The original statue of the beautiful Nefertiti is exposed in Germany, Neus Museum in Berlin, the authorities of the city of Minya in Upper Egypt, ordered a replica of the artwork to an architect. The goal: to place Nefertiti at the entrance to the city, so that all people benefit from its indescribable beauty

. Problem: the statue looks nothing like its model and hardly corresponds to the idea that each is an elegant and radiant queen. Perplexed by this reproduction, the inhabitants of Minya reacted first, soon joined by Twitter users who, photos to support, love more than anything to seize such matters. We remember, it is true, the media frenzy coupled with widespread laughter following the botched restoration of a painting of Christ in Spain. Minya and Nefertiti seems in the eyes of twittos, well positioned to compete ridicule.

Given these indignant reactions from around the world, city authorities announced via Gulf News, Tuesday, July 7, that the statue would be removed as soon as possible. The architect himself, that still remains anonymous. We doubt that after the controversy, he dares show the tip of his nose


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