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The right shoe to fit the right foot

“A lot of sore feet, knees, ankles, or any static from shoes ill-chosen or inadequate.” This is the simple message that constantly reminds how to choose your shoes and your children? Here are answers that should solve many dilemmas …

Let us first recall that “the inside width of the shoe should respect the natural area of ​​your foot. Insufficient width creates tension, resulting in injuries and fatigue most important, “said the Union for Health Foot indeed. A comfortable shoe should follow the natural movement of “flow” of the foot. It must therefore have a flexible front to accompany its fold when walking. Attention to the soles, if they are too heavy, they can cause tendonitis. In any case, they should not exceed 4 cm and to ensure your safety in case of rain, prefer a non-slip sole.

“Only the leather provides comfort. Natural material, by its elasticity it is shaped to your foot and skate without cracking, “says the UFSP. Not to mention that facilitates breathing of the foot, minimizing the phenomena of transpiration. According to the UFSP, “for a walk without fatigue, the ideal height of the heel should be between 30 and 45 mm. With a heel too high or too low, the shoe may cause back pain. ”

Always try the shoes you covet in your standing. Indeed, in this position will grow under your foot and your weight when walking. Pay attention to your comfort at the end of the shoe. If your toes “touch”, you may have blisters or micro-injury, including the little toe.

And for kids?

“Please measure both feet in length and in width. Make sure the shoes are greater than 12 to 16 mm longer than the toe. “As for the height of heels, it needs to be less than 4 cm for children. The rule of a good shoe for the young is to keep the foot properly.

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