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The new part of the movie “Twilight” Could be Dangerous for Your Health

As a result of a recent study of Epilepsy Research Foundation found that the frequent flashes of light, and many special effects in movies can cause seizures and development of numerous other neurological disorders in humans.

Researchers in particular have undertaken to analyze the movie “Twilight. Saga. Daybreak. “Recently released on the big screens. It was noted that after viewing this film, many viewers there were neurological disorders of varying severity. The reason for this lies in the many colorful effects of high intensity, which specially affects the neurons and can aggravate the already existing as a human neurological problems, and encourage the development of new ones.

Scientists are advised to refrain from watching the movie all those suffering from neurological disorders. In the U.S., there were several cases of people hospitalized with seizures and convulsions that have arisen during or after viewing this film. The researchers note that this is not the first time that the movie turns out to be potentially hazardous to human health. In 2007, about a similar incident occurred in Japan, however, at the time scale of the accident were much more. Then, while watching another episode of the popular series “Pokemon” in the moment when the character Pikachu beats lightning on the power – on the screen were visible flashes of light high-power, which lasted about 30 seconds.

According to official statistics of Japan after authorities from a variety of neurological problems throughout the country there were 700 hospitalizations of children in the first place, and approximate estimates of the number of victims was 3-4 times greater. After the incident, taken the popular Japanese anime have been temporarily suspended. The number of victims from viewing another part of the movie “Twilight” is not exceeding ten, but scientists are seriously advised the international community to impose restrictions on the use of special effects when shooting movies to the public.

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