The mystery of the disappearance of the Martian atmosphere has been solved

Where the hell the air and water of Mars Are aisles? This question, posed to scientists for decades. Using data collected by the probe Maven (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution), which is in orbit around the red planet since September 2014, NASA has finally solve the mystery. If Mars is still having revealed all its secrets, it is a crucial step that has been reached.

A little over a month after revealing the discovery of salty liquid water on the surface of Mars, the US space agency said it had discovered the reasons that led to the disappearance of the atmosphere the red planet at a conference in the auditorium James Webb, the NASA headquarters in Washington.

March has no magnetic shield

This is because of the absence of a magnetic shield, similar to that surrounding the Earth, the water and the Martian atmosphere escaped into space, in the effect of solar winds. The phenomenon intervened there are several billion years. This explains why the two planets have not had the same fate.

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