neuroscientist Daniel Levitin the issue in a TED conference a simple but foolproof trick to fail to remember where the keys are stored, the phone or wallet. His trick: designate a very specific place in the house, for example near the front door or in a decorative bowl for objects that can be lost easily. “ If you stick strictly to this rule, you will find your things where you had left off. This seems logical, and it is, but there are many scientific studies based on the way our brain works that confirm this , “he explains.

Levitin explains that the hippocampus, the part of our brain that plays a central role in the direction of orientation and memory has grown over the years to keep track of important things, food hazards that may be encountered on our way. This brain area is particularly developed among taxi drivers who know the city in which they work as their pocket.

This is a very good idea for items that are not frequently moved, it is less suitable for those who frequently move space. This is why one often loses keys, his glasses or passport “, says the scientist