The bag for hikers, between cunning and common sense!

“Whatever the size of the trail, do not leave without a backpack,” warned the leaders of the federation of hiking. Then, adapt the content to the type and duration of the chosen tour. And this is not always an easy task….

Which bag to choose? At the time of purchase, remember one basic rule … even if it seems to take a truism: the more the bag you choose will be large, the more you fill it. So, the more it will be heavy! Are you follower outputs of several days? For routes greater than 4 days, specialists will direct you to the products of more than 55 liters, equipped with folding pockets. If not, ask a specialist dealer. And above all, again a simple matter of common sense, try the bags. You must feel at ease.

Some tips for loading. When you load it, remember that the most serious cases should be placed in the middle of the bag closest to the back. “The muscles of the spine will be able to work in good conditions and use of adjustable straps to adjust the bag. The straps and belts allow both to better distributing the load and relieving some shoulders to avoid the unbalance of the bag! If necessary, please make several attempts.

The essential regardless of the length of your hike:
– Change of clothes: socks, sweater, windproof … what you plan to change if sudden change in temperature or weather, which is common in the mountains. In fact, the air temperature decreases of 1 ° C every time you cross a vertical drop of 100 meters. Rain, wind or snow, you need to counter all situations;
– A first-aid kit: You follow a treatment? Take the medicine course to take. Remember possibly make a reservation if you go a few days. In the first aid kit, you slide all the small equipment type dressings, bandages, gauze, antiseptic and analgesic cream. And remember, of course, sunscreen for the face and body. Not to mention hat and glasses!
– A food and drink. Water for the whole family of course, and sugars such as cereal bars or dried fruit. Space-saving, they are very convenient to carry.
– Equipment for progress. A hiker worthy of the name does not forget his card or his compass! Slide also in your bag, a pencil and a notebook that can be useful to record marks, for example. And security issues think clearly at the mobile phone or even a whistle. It will not take place and if (big) problem, it could save your life …
Also remember to bring a rope to make some repairs attachments abused. Moreover, before leaving, make sure all fasteners…

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