Tattoo: 3 things to know before going out in the sun

“If you just get a tattoo, better from Iceland in the Canary Islands, “warns the outset Dr. Catherine Oliveres-Ghouti. Nearly one in ten succumbed to the fashion of the tattoo. And this year, they’ll be all the rage on the beach. But be careful, however, because tattoos and sun do not mix well, especially if that one was done in the weeks before you leave on vacation.

No sun exposure six weeks
“In a tattoo, the skin undergoes aggression, in order to introduce pigments and dyes, highlights the dermatologist. The sun, sea water and Chlorine pool are best avoided during the healing period, ie within 6 weeks. ” Also, if you plan to take the plunge, make sure that the tattoo does not cover mole. “This is essential because we must be able to monitor,” insists the dermatologist.


If not, what are the risks?
The dark spots will appear on the surface of the skin, they may take several months to disappear. In addition, the tattoo can be deformed in some places, and colors fading. Or worse yet, lead to infection. “In this situation, consult urgently,” recommends dermatologist. In case of sunburn, “apply a moisturizer at night (or the Biafine Bepanthene type), for good thick layer until the cream penetrates more.”


How to protect your tattoo sun
Even if your tattoo is healed, effective protection is essential. “Apply a sunscreen with an index 50, and so what if there is some white spots On the return of the bath, do not hesitate to give a layer. 20 minutes in water, less than 50% sunscreen is still active. ” If your tattoo has less than 6 weeks, however, double protection is recommended: a T-shirt or dressing (if the place requires) or, ideally, a UV clothing. “Of course, it is not recommended to use products to accelerate tanning,” concluded the dermatologist.


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