Surf Facebook does not make you happy, even if you have many friends

Facebook, or the art of inventing a life. This is demonstrated by a study conducted by American psychologists in cyberpsychology and behavior on social networks. According to the study entitled “Does Facebook status are indicative of our well-being felt?” the answer would be no. Why? Simply because when posting a new status on the social network with 28 million subscribers (in France), we would be more inclined to embellish our lives, victims of some form of social pressure or stroke the “performance”.

However, according to tests carried out on a panel of daily Facebook users, it seems clear that the sad people are more honest about their psychological state. It is rare to see someone post a “fake” sad status. This may seem obvious … but think again the next time you post a picture of your wonderful vacation on the sea … you, your feet, sand, water … by deliberately omitting to show your arms in the plaster and a violent push buttons caused by an allergy to the sun! Conversely, you would not go in a moment of joy.

Many friends, compliments, likes nothing helps …

In 2013, a study had been conducted on the same theme (“How to use Facebook predicts a decline in well-being felt in young adults”). Tests conducted on a panel of users had demonstrated that Facebook, despite your many friends, of your print support, encouragement or complimented, not giving you the feeling of having a better life, even that regular consultation undermines Facebook you actually morale.

Do you understood the message? If you are (too) often connected to Facebook but do not have the moral however, a small spa rehab you may help you feel better. And what better time than summer to take action and disconnect?

In a very well done short film is best summarized this sense of isolation created by the social network, and its false pretenses. Discover the history of this man who lives a descent into hell but continues to post positive statuses.

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