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Seven factors in the maintenance of health

To avoid the transfer of stresses, contradictions and disappointments that beset us in life, we just have to learn to control your mind and emotions. Thus, the body creates a secure “line of defense” against the devastating forces of neuro emotional stress. In the body, all coordinated: the perfect state of health provides mental poise and vice versa – a healthy mind is the key to good physical condition and mood.
The German scholar Manfred Kenlehter told the world about the seven factors that help us stay healthy. Here is a brief description of their.
1. Breathe
Learn how to exercise reasonable respiratory therapy and yoga.
Be reduced, by using the cry, laugh, even cry. It is also important not only how to breathe, but that this breathing. Therefore, more fresh air, especially in parks, woods, countryside.
2. Drink
Every day, the person needs to drink up to two liters of fluid. It should be plain water, without gas. Thus, our bodies free from impurities.
3. Eat right
I think that this factor all know. Nutrition should be a rational, comprehensive, diverse, that the body can be with food to get all the vitamins and minerals.
The main principle – less fat, sweets, pastry, fried and smoked.
4. Move correctly
Almost 50% of the population suffers from a lack of movement. But this factor is very important for maintaining health. Therefore, each of us should at least give half an hour of physical training. It can be run or just brisk walking, swimming or yoga. All classes will help rejuvenate your heart and to stock up extra energy.
Going to work at least part of the road go by foot.
Sitting for a long time under the TV from time to time “run around” in a chair and relax your neck.
5. Properly relax
Science has proven that any stress adversely affects health. Therefore, we must be able to be discharged. Here to help meditation, physical exercises in between work, his favorite hobby, horse, and so on. Unacceptable to deal with stress caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
6. Properly guard
Strengthen your immune system. This will help all the aforementioned factors. Live simpler, more natural and more disciplined.
7. Think
“Thinking of more misfortune becomes miserable, thinking about diseases often” sick. ” Learn how to think. It means to send their thoughts in a positive way.
Self-hypnosis plays a major role in the fight against various diseases.

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