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Plans: to end the yo-yo

Please note, plans are … fat! After all restrictions on the type of chicken-salad-cheese lightened 80% of people eventually regain their original weight.
Depths of despair, some even earn a few extra pounds! This is the famous yo-yo, which is currently the subject of much research because its complex mechanisms are not yet fully understood by scientists.

This almost inevitable recovery of lost weight can be seen as a combination of several factors very closely related, all regulated by our pondérostat, an individual system that takes into account our metabolism, our distribution between muscle and fat of our hormones, our genes, our stress levels, and of course the way we eat and we exercise mind control on what we decide to or not in our fridge and so on our plates. Undermined each regime, pondérostat can go awry, and the back is often impossible.
In fact, everything rests on a misunderstanding. Our weight balance, we achieve strict eating our fill, has nothing to do with our weight idealized images of thinness close we Assen society.

Experts are worried because 67% of Europeans have tried a diet once at least. What will the balance in 10 years of practice at risk? To cope, we must learn to eat differently, but obviously less of everything and more, plus the concepts of taste, pleasure, sharing and conviviality. Not forgetting to practice regular physical activity. Knowing your limits is also a very important factor in all of this.

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