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Music is good for children’s development

The music is excellent for the cognitive development of young children, according to a study by researchers at McMaster University in Ontario.

Toddlers who participate in interactive activities involving music – play percussion instruments, singing nursery rhymes, etc.. – It would be easier to communicate, would be easier to console and would also be quieter.

To reach these conclusions, the scientists analyzed data on a group of children aged one, who participated for six months to activities involving music.

Toddlers also have developed better communication skills, such as pointing objects out of reach and make the bye-bye. These children also smile more and are less stressed when placed in unfamiliar situations or with people who are not familiar with them.

“Until now, studies on the issue were mainly older children. Our study is the first to show interest in young children, and demonstrates that their brain is particularly receptive to the music, “explained study co-author, Laurel Trainor.

The results of this work were published in the journal Developmental Science.


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