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Murder of an Iranian scientist: foreign intelligence involved (expert)

Foreign secret services could be involved in the murder of Iranian nuclear specialist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, said the editor of the magazine National Defence, Igor Korotchenko, adding that only three countries in the world had high-level officials in Iran,(reported on Tuesday).

“It actively removes the key players in Iran’s nuclear program.I emphasize – physicists peaceful and not the architects of the Islamic nuclear bomb. The foreign special services seem to be behind the attacks committed in Tehran and resounding in other cities, behind acts of sabotage in Iran’s nuclear sites, “said Korotchenko during a interview with media.

University professor and deputy director of the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan (32) was killed in a suicide car bomb on Wednesday. The next day, the United States were quick to deny involvement in the assassination.

Korotchenko says, three have special services in Iran agents competent enough to perform such operations.

“It is of course the Israeli Mossad, the CIA and British MI-6. These services have traditionally been very strong positions in the region,” said the expert.

The murder of Mr. Ahmadi Roshan is part of a series of attacks on Iranian scientists. In January 2010, the university Masoud Ali Mohammadi was killed outside his home. Ten months later, an explosion killed another atomic scientist, Majid Shahriani.

The Iranian authorities have accused the Israeli intelligence of being behind Western and killings.

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