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Is computer work so harmless and safe?

Although they are convenient, the search engines would have a negative influence on how we learn. It just demonstrated that U.S. researchers, whose work is published in the latest issue of Science magazine. According to them, using the Internet would lead us not to store certain data, since we can find them easily. They would lead us to some extent, the intellectual laziness …

Most of us use computers as a resource of memory and a data storage medium. When we seek information a few clicks to satisfy our curiosity. Prof. Betsy Sparrow and colleagues from Columbia University in New York, have therefore made a series of tests to study the relationship between our memory and how we use the resources of the computer.

First result, and it is not surprising, participants did not know the answers to some questions immediately had the reflex to use the Internet to overcome their shortcomings. To the detriment in particular, books and publications written …

There is even more interesting. When they knew that the information sought was available on their computer, they do not store as well as they knew it would then be more difficult to find. It also found, experience has highlighted the fact that participants did not recall the information itself, but in contrast they remembered well the means by which they could find … the researchers concluded, “our use Internet has changed the way we use our memory. ” However, they temper: “It is too early to judge a real impact on the brain. “On the brain probably not, but about how we use it and we” the train “…

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