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Indoor, Sunless Farm of the Future

Indoor farming may be a way to tackle world hunger and food crisis. This new farming does not require rain, sun, or even land. Cops are simply grown inside of an apartment house in a controlled environment.

With food prices constantly rising, many people are keen to grow their own foods in order to cut costs. The problem remains—no space. Urban farmers still make small attempts by utilizing windowsills and balconies for growing herbs, tomatoes, and other small items. Buying locally grown food is the natural alternative but still may be more costly than simply doing it yourself.

Gertjan Meeuws, of PlantLab, and other Dutch bioengineers—are creating a way to being the greenhouse method inside places where no natural light exists. Using LEDs of various colors, they are able to grow fruits and vegetables such as yellow peppers, basil, strawberries, and banana plants. The climate in the room is consistent and the LED lights go off and on and various times in order to mimic the changes from day to night. This combination of lighting, soil, food, and water has been tweaked constantly in order to reach the level of perfection needed for the optimal growth environment.

The scientists believe plants do not need natural light to survive and grow. That actually natural light can do more harm than good. All that is needed for plant growth are wavelengths of light. Meeuws says plants adapt to the amount of light given and in the end grow more efficiently using less energy.



Angelica Bee


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