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In the wind and happy

Tune in to your ever desire to be happy and have a positive attitude right from the jump of the bed. Find an alarm that says: “Today I want to be happy” and have it ring for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

F for forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key to personal development. It is a tool that will help you get rid of resentment and avoid negative thoughts you hold on to. This seems difficult, but the first step is to identify the people you should give your forgiveness. Because resentment decreases your energy, move on will allow you to move forward.

Meditation and breathing

You to meditate, you do not need to be surrounded by statues of Buddhas very fat, sit on pillows or interest in Eastern spirituality! There are several ways to meditate. One of them is to sit and listen to your favorite songs while you focus on your breathing. Walking can be a powerful tool of meditation: inhale and exhale deeply, to the rhythm of your steps. The idea is to find your inner peace and make informed decisions.


Make a list of things you are grateful when you focus on what is right – the people you love, what you like to work, the weather … By paying attention to what we have rather than what one does not, it releases its “inner guide”, the “ing” as described Ms. Bernstein. It is then submerged in a wave of energy and creative ideas.

Higher and higher

Jumping on a trampoline, is invigorating, it’s good for balance and it reminds you of your childhood! Move is very important in the pursuit of happiness, and ultimately find a physical activity that lights that spark in you is vital.

Daily quota

Between the earthquake in Japan and terrorist threats, it seems that we have already filled our quota of bad news for 2011. Choose what you read: choose sections Lifestyle Sports and Health, rather than sections and World News. If you want to read the news at dinner time, do it because you are less vulnerable at the time of the day.

And Gandhi?

If you are unjustly attacked and that you feel helpless, ask yourself: “What would Gandhi for me?” Expressing your anger does not necessarily relieve you, and combat is not always the best solution. Focus on how to find peace in a troubled situation.

30 days without gossip

When we potinons, our energy level is down. Spend time with positive people that allow you to refuel.

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