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If you have dry eyes …

Dry eye is an important gene. It is linked to decreased tear production, the causes are potentially numerous. In the same way also the symptoms, which vary according to the patients.

The sensation of dry eyes we experience sometimes results from an inability to produce enough tears to ensure the comfort of the eyes. A tingling or burning sensation, the urge to scratch all the time (especially not, you do ferries things worse!), The presence of stringy mucus around the eyes, discomfort to light or to open eye the morning, excessive tearing … the symptoms vary from person to person.





Lack of tears causes eye discomfort … but not only. It can indeed lead to inflammation of the cornea or conjunctivitis. The causes may be environmental: an overheated room, wind or tobacco smoke may promote this type of disorder and most people have to work and study with computers which incurs dry eyes.When spending too much time in the intense summer sun, eye’s vision can be seriously damaged.

Note also that in general, tear production decreases with age. It can also be associated with arthritis … or consumption of certain drugs. Diuretics, beta blockers, antihistamines, sleeping pills, painkillers and anti-acne are especially concerned. A visit to an ophthalmologist will help determine the cause of your dry eyes. The treatment will most often by the administration of artificial tears, used in the form of eye drops.



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