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How to lose weight by 7 points

The seven key points to lose weight effectively and sustainably.

Sport for health and wellbeing

Everyone should play sports because it is essential to the health and wellbeing, even if not required to do sport to lose weight.

Sport dramatically increases energy expenditure at the time by burning calories and after, as to regenerate and grow muscles asking a lot of energy.

Eat less than necessary

How to lose weight? If I had to answer that question in one sentence I would say: “Less food than necessary.”

This is the basis of any plan. Be careful though only eat a little less than necessary, because if you eat less, the body thinks a famine occurs and try to cut spending and store as much as possible.

Breakfast, the weapon winners

By taking a good breakfast as you prepare for a day effectively giving energy to the body to function properly.

A good breakfast is essential to understanding how to lose weight!

Losing weight takes time

Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to lose 5kg in a week.
Just the act of emptying the intestines and being slightly dehydrated can lose 3-4kg on the scale, while the fat was unchanged.

To lose fat, there is no secret, take your time and be motivated.

Hidden Calories: The trap

Some sauces and industrial products contain large amounts of calories they did not even suspect its existence. For example, the salad with the sauce fast food restaurant known as the world contains more calories than a tray of fried. While people eating salads, are generally careful about their line, they get trapped here.

Always look carefully the number of calories on fast food and industrial products to understand how losing weight.

Stay motivated no matter what

Motivation is what makes the difference between those who manage what they start and those who fail.

Stay motivated no matter what, and even if you made a difference, no thanks, keep your plan as if nothing had happened (still made sure that AC does not happen too often ) and you will understand how to successfully lose weight effectively just by being motivated.

Eating fruits and vegetables in abundance

We all saw the ad saying eating five fruits and vegetables a day. It is something very important to lose weight, because it allows the body to have the necessary vitamins and micronutrients used to having a healthier diet without eating crap.

Good luck!

Taking all these points you should have got the answer to “How to lose weight.”


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1 Comment

  • Great information here, I think the motivation to lose weight has to come from yourself, nobody can do it for you, you will need to make a decision whether you’re gonna be fragile and stay overweight, or you want to be strong and get in shape.