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How to choose glasses

The glasses are made to see properly, of course, but they must also be comfortable and … aesthetic! Some tips to find the pair that suits you best.

“The choice of glasses is first based on the correction required,” said Julian Cherprenet, optician Yzeure, in the Allier. “If it is strong (whether for myopia or hyperopia), the glass is thicker.”


“If we increase the contact surface with the nose, the glasses appear lighter” he says. “The eye must also be well centered on the glass, and at the right height when using progressive lenses. “So be careful adjust your frames to have the best vision. Make sure they are neither too much nor too tight on the temples and nose. Eventually, you’ll avoid the pain. Do not forget, these settings must be renewed regularly: a small passage to the optician and Hop! Here we go again …

Shapes and colors

“To choose the design of the glasses from the shape of the face, it is often useful to avoid excessive identity. For example, avoid using round glasses if you have a round face. This helps to better define the features “says our expert. “But the choice is often the ‘feeling’, also depending on the color of hair and skin. “In any case, follow the current fashion is not necessarily what will suit you best … especially for an accessory that you will keep for several years on the nose!

Materials and allergies

Some constituents of frames can cause allergic reactions. This may be the case of a dye, a metal such as nickel, a lacquer … The simplest solution is to choose a frame that has the least possible contact points with the face. Some materials are hypoallergenic and can be privileged:
– Titanium does not deteriorate, does not oxidize, does not break;
– The silicone has the advantage of not slipping. However, it has the disadvantage of being colored with time. This is why it is necessary to regularly change the pads, the little beans that provide contact with the nose of the frames;
– Polyurethane;
– Acetate is convenient and inexpensive. The same colored frames, however, may blanch with perspiration;
– The tortoise: Turtle hunting is now prohibited, but farms have developed. However, this is a product whose price is prohibitive …

The right choice of the optician … and ophthalmologist

Your best to choose your glasses, your optician is, of course. Choose the one that takes the time to assist you in your decision, and explain the technical side of your equipment. However, do not neglect regular visits to the ophthalmologist.

On the one hand, only a prescription written by the latter allows you to benefit from treatment. This requirement will remain valid for three years – unless otherwise disclosed on its part – and in the meantime you can make interim assessments from an optician. On the other hand, only one ophthalmologist is competent to make a fundus to detect a variety of serious diseases: AMD, cataract, glaucoma…

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