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Healthy menus: do not wait for the cold

Nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis, gastroenteritis, sinusitis … Yes, winter is often accompanied by a host of infections. To better defend against viruses and bacteria, so bet on a plate “shape” and “healthy recipes” of the week.

Against harsh winter, start the morning with a good breakfast. You will avoid the tiredness in the late morning. Why not introduce proteins in the first meal of the day? For example an egg, ham, cheese, a small-Swiss … For other meals, the most important thing is do not jump and make sure to eat every time, a portion of legumes, a protein, a green vegetables and fruit. For tea, then add dried fruit. They provide energy … and as much fun as candy!

For an iron

Are you particularly prone to winter infections? A ferritin may be recommended. Do not think this is incidental: iron indeed plays a role in the mechanisms of immunity. You’ll find lots of interest in the black pudding (delicious with fried apples), red meat, eggs, lentils … Be aware that iron from food is poorly absorbed by the body. As a result, food alone will not make up a ferritin too low. In this case, you should consult your doctor to consider supplementation.

Stock up on vitamin C and zinc. They stimulate the phagocytes and lymphocytes, blood cells that are involved in the elimination of germs. For the first, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Side fruits are rich blackcurrant, kiwi, papaya, lemon, orange and mango. For vegetables, fill your fridge peppers, radish, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red and white cabbage and watercress … As for zinc, you can find it in wheat germ, oysters, beef, liver and cocoa.

Do not forget vitamin D. In addition to its action on the uptake and calcium binding, it plays an important role in the immune response. Certainly, the cod liver oil, oily fish, margarine, egg yolks contain quantities of interest. But not enough to cover our needs. The best source of vitamin D in fact, is in the solar ultraviolet radiation. Ten to fifteen minute walk daily in the open, exposing the face and arms, are sufficient. Ask your doctor if he considers it useful to supplement you and your little one. In any case, no sunbathing Institute!

Finally, if you are taking antibiotics, a course of probiotics may be useful to restore the balance of intestinal flora. Possibly also use them in therapy. You will find in the fermented milk or as supplements. And in general, a balanced flora strengthens our immune system.






– Smoothie Pear Cassis de Laurence Benedetti
– Grain bread with a slice of butter
– Egg shell
– Lemon tea


– Oysters in green apple granita Scott Serrato
– Noix de Saint-Jacques in bacon and green Puy lentils “like a risotto” of Gregory Cuilleron
– Citrus salad with ginger and fresh mint Sarah Glain


– Dates stuffed with walnuts


– Crispy zucchini and peppers with fresh goat cheese from Paul Blouet
– Mesclun salad with walnut oil
– Gratin of red fruits in season from Paul Blouet.

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