Food: Scientists have developed an algae bacon taste

On trouve la palmaria au large du Pacifique et de l'Atlantique.

There are palmaria off the Pacific and Atlantic. Oregon State University

“A rather pronounced taste of bacon.” This is how scientists from Oregon State University describe the taste of this seaweed-like and translucent red lettuce leaves. The palmaria, which proliferates off the Pacific and Atlantic, was previously consumed in powder.

It can now be eaten as is, with the new strain created by the aquaculture researcher Chris Langdon. In a statement released this Tuesday, July 14 and relayed by the British newspaper The Independent, the research team announced it had patented this version.

Twice the nutritional value of cabbage

“This algae is incredible. When it is fried, it no longer has the taste of seaweed but that of bacon, “says the researcher. Do not spoil the palmaria possess twice the nutritional value of cabbage.

Its high mineral content, vitamins and antioxidants actually a “superfood” popular term (though does not yet have official or scientific definition) designating foods that have beneficial health effects au beyond simple, standard nutritional intake.

There can be no doubt that the palmaria should make people happy in kitchens that avoid or prohibit the use of animal protein. Rice crackers and the palmaria are already being manufactured and testing at the Oregon Food Innovation Centre.

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