Flights: 10 tips to secure your car

How to reduce the risk of burglary or theft of your car? First by following a few basic precautions but also by following our tips and tricks that most often for a few dollars, enough to deter most criminals.

Car thefts are down slightly but still represent over 100 000 offenses per year. Besides those who fail or committed burglary to steal a bag or GPS in the cockpit, even the tires. In the end, few people who have never experienced this kind of concern and, hence, are more concerned than before to better secure their car. Although at the time the electronic theft, no solution is 100% reliable, most of them allow at first to slow and / or deter thieves. Without lapsing into the exacerbated psychopathy (short of breaking the bank either), it is even possible to combine several solutions to optimize the protection of his vehicle.

Beware though, equip your car anti-theft system is useless if you do not respect, every day, a few basic precautions. Start by avoiding to park your car in a dark, isolated area, prefer to do it near a lamppost or better, in a parking lot or a closed box. Also prefer the evening and night, near a open trade parking, restaurant or near a place of regular passage. And even if you park your car for a few minutes, be sure to close the windows, shake the hand brake to block the wheel well and lock the doors and the trunk.

Also, be careful when driving in town since most anti-theft systems can do nothing against a muscular aggression type carjacking. In this case, do not oppose unnecessary resistance, would you take the risk, in addition to losing your car, of being hurt. 

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