The “out of office” happily engaged before the leave was disabled, we try to keep an eye suddenly caffeine and chocolate festive leftovers, your colleagues have forgotten your name and it will take a few weeks before it gets darker in the morning and in the evening after work.

1. Just accept the fact that you return to work (but at ease)

After activating your alarm clock for the first time in two weeks, the fateful moment has arrived to get up. Console yourself by saying that everyone lives the same boat (ok, except the privileged few). In those early days of recovery, do not be too hard on yourself if you fail to conclude this deal so important with a client.

2. Relearn basic movements

It’s a feeling that goes back to classes returned from our childhood: we find ourselves unable to hold a pen or rather transposed in our time, paralyzed in front of his keyboard. Passwords were the worst difficulties to remember to access internal systems to the company. It is time to recover and relearn – but without rushing – basic gestures to start the day.

3. Sort quickly (and without qualms) your mail box

Hundreds of emails that clog your mailbox, more than half can be removed just by reading their title: Happy New Year, Happy New Year … these messages already in the past. Think, however, to meet the people who really matter to you (and not to the client that sent the same email to all such contacts).

4. Stop dreaming of elsewhere

The desire resurfaces every holiday or back after a big muddle with your boss: drop everything to settle in the tropics and convert you dive or dolphin trainer. Best advice immediately chase these dreams impractical if you want to dive back into your routine a job in a good state of mind.

5. Do not sow “Happy New Year” thunderous (and insincere) to the winds

New Year’s wishes should be reserved for a privileged few and not every colleague crossed to the coffee machine or the canteen at lunchtime. This does not mean that you are not happy to see your colleagues or you do not have to do anything to wish them the best for the coming year but in the long, ask colleagues how his has happened Christmas vacation can quickly become boring and very repetitive: evenings in front of the TV, orgies chocolate and foie gras, family reunions, post New Year hangover …

On this, Happy New Year 2016