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Eat chocolate to be fit

We would all like to believe that we can eat chocolate and do not exercise. A recent study says that eating “small amounts” of dark chocolate has a similar effect to the exercise. Researchers found that epicatechin, a component of the cocoa plant, causes the same reaction that a vigorous muscular exertion, such as cycling or running. And when the ingestion of small amounts of chocolate is combined with exercise, the effect is increased by 50%!

Each month, new studies concluding the benefits of chocolate are published.

What did you discover how chocolate affects the body?
We found that a component of cocoa, epicatechin, increases the number of mitochondria and capillarity in muscles, which makes them easier and s’irriguent cells renew themselves more quickly. A group of individuals receiving the epicatechin is able to exercise longer than a group that has not received or is only for the year.

Does this mean it that I can replace my exercise routine by a pack of M & M?
No. This study shows that the effect is even better if you combine the two. In addition, the study was conducted on mice, not humans. Studies to determine whether the results on animals are transferable to humans and if it affects more men than women.

Researches such as yours are often presented in the media with the title: “Forget the sport.” Is it science or irresponsible journalism?
The study shows that the combination of chocolate and sport that works best for the muscles. It is the responsibility of journalists to present the results in an understandable way.

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