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Depilatory cream- but not too often…

So whether you come to relax on the beach or stroll in light summer dress, you need a perfect hair. You do not want to see a hair on your body siren? Yes … but the wax, it hurts and after shaving the hair grows back too quickly. So what? There remains the depilatory cream. What about this technique of hair removal fast, convenient and painless? Dr. Isabelle Gallay an update on these creams that attack the hair … but also the skin.

Apply in the shower for less than 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. In the blink of an eye, a bit more! If depilatory creams are actually practical to use, they do not have less real disadvantages. “Some contain large amounts of urea, other sulfur derivatives,” says Dr. Gallay. The use of the first causes a dissolution of the hair … and the horny layer that protects the surface of the skin. Other chemically attack the cells of the hair and again, of the skin. This product group ‘also presents a probable toxicity. It is best not to use them regularly, “suggests Isabelle Gallay. And their use is not recommended for pregnant women. The use of these products last, should be avoided on the face.

Moreover, “placing more of the cream is long, your skin becomes more sensitive.” Take care to read the instructions telling you the time limit for use and before you start, test a small patch of skin. If 48 hours after this test, you do not notice any allergic reaction, you can begin using. “In areas where the skin is very thin, such as underarms and bikini line, the cream will act faster. As it may irritate the skin more quickly, too, do not let two or three minutes.
After a hair removal cream, the stratum corneum needs a few days to recover. “I therefore advise to wait at least 48 hours before sun exposure, always apply a sunscreen with a high index,” says Dr. Gallay. Do not forget to moisturize your skin, the better it has been attacked and made more sensitive by waxing.

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