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Coffee – the best antidepressant for women

Coffee makes women happy, according to U.S. scientists. Experts from the Harvard School conducted a statistical analysis which showed that the more coffee consumed woman, the less they suffered from depression.

Thus, the participants of the experimental group drank 2-3 cups of soft drinks remained depressed at 15% less likely than those who drank its maximum once a week. For consuming four or more cups of coffee a day, this difference was 20%.

The reasons for this phenomenon is not yet clear, but the study’s authors believe that caffeine can affect the chemical processes in the centers of the compensation of central nervous system, responsible for pleasure. Decaffeinated coffee does not have a similar effect.

Experts are planning to do a more detailed study of this topic. However, in their opinion, it is too early to use coffee as an antidepressant.

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