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Chewing Gum Increase Your Intelligence

Chewing gum?! Is it a performance boost? Well … maybe. A very serious study, conducted by a team of U.S. Saint Lawrence University in New York, has shown the benefits of chewing gum on … intellectual capacity. Students could benefit, but only under certain specific conditions.

Serge Onyper, psychology professor, conducted the experiment with 224 student volunteers, divided into 3 groups. A series of written exercises they have been proposed. The first group had chewed gum before the test, those in the second did so during the year. Finally, a last group of students had to pass the same examination without resort to chewing gum.

The most successful proved to be the students who chewed gum for 5 minutes before the start of the examination. Especially for rote memorization. “The benefit has persisted for 15 to 20 minutes. No more, “said Serge Onyper. According to him, chewing produce a rush of blood to the brain, improving during this short period of time, memory skills. The blood flow triggered by the extra (really) little physical effort put into the brain works …

Sport for the jaws

Although little demand for energy, the chewing action is regarded by researchers as a physical activity. And, as “any other physical activity of low intensity, chewing increases the heart rate and blood pressure. Any physical activity less intense could therefore produce the same effects on intellectual outcome. ”

However, it seems that the act of chewing during the test itself is of no benefit. “The resources of the organization must in fact be shared between the process of chewing and cognitive exercise.” In other words, we could not chew and think effectively at the same time!

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