Automotive: sales of electric vehicles increase

La mise en place d'un super-bonus offre une enveloppe de 3 700 euros pour la mise à la casse d’un véhicule diesel de plus de 13 ans et l’achat ou la location d’un véhicule électrique.

The establishment of a super-bonus offers envelope 3 700 euros for the scrapping of a diesel vehicle over 13 years and the purchase or rental of an electric vehicle.
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Although sales remain confidential, electric vehicles have experienced a craze in June . During this period, the number of registrations of cars and trucks with very low emissions reached a record with 2,786 units sold during the month.

“in June 2015 is the best month since launch of electric vehicles in France, “commented Joseph Beretta, President of Avere France, an association that brings together actors in electric mobility. He added: “Three months after the entry into force of the conversion premium, government incentives and efforts of manufacturers pay.”

A super-bonus of 10,000 euros

The super bonus is retracted into force on 1 April and its effects were felt in June with full deliveries of vehicles ordered during the previous two months.

The super-bonus consists of a package of 3,700 euros for the scrapping of a diesel vehicle over 13 years and the purchase or rental of an electric vehicle. This aid is cumulative bonus of 6,300 euros related to the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle. Overall, the candidate for the super bonus pocketed 10,000 euros.

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The old diesels in the sights

PHEVs also benefit This super bonus. This time, the EUR 2 500 of the conversion premium in addition to the bonus of 4,000 euros related to the purchase or lease of a vehicle of this type. In total, the buyer or renter of a rechargeable hybrid vehicle that discards a diesel vehicle over 13 years old is given a budget of 6,500 euros in aid.

Along with this super -Bonus, the state gives 500 euros to the purchaser of a Euro 6 vehicle if it is not taxable and if this investment replaces a diesel over 13 years. With this device, the state hopes to banish road diesel vehicles prior to January 1, 2001, those without particle filters and constitute the most polluting.

A share remains marginal

The super-bonus system has boosted sales of electric vehicles like plug-in hybrids. They saw their volumes tripled in June, reaching 653 units. Although progress is rapid, these sales only represent 0.29% of the overall market which registers 225,645 registrations during the same month of June

In the first half 2015, sales of electric cars increased by 86.5% to reach 8,032 units, or 0.79% of all new vehicle sales. As for rechargeable hybrids, with 2,393 registrations, it represents 0.24% of the French market in the first half.

Renault Zoe at the top of sales

Renault Zoe tops the sales charts of electric cars. In June, with 1,482 units, it represents 63% of registrations in this market segment. Among the reasons for this success include the extended range of the new engine and R240 offer hire 99 euros per month all inclusive.

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, followed the Nissan Leaf (295 sales), the Tesla S (132 sales), the Peugeot Ion (101 sales) and Bolloré Bluecar (90 sales). As for the plug-in hybrid, the Top 3 is formed in order by the GTE Golf, the Audi A3 e-tron and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

If the entry into force of the super bonus explains the dynamism of sales, the arrival in the number of new models on the market also stimulates the interest of buyers. But it will take to see the electric and rechargeable hybrid achieve significant volumes.

Electric Europe Sales of electric vehicles progress in Europe. From January to May 2015, it sold 35,283 units, an increase of 52.5% compared to the same period in 2014. Norway is at the top of the most electrified country with 11,273 registrations in the first five months of the year. In this Scandinavian country, a car sold in six electric. Buyers enjoy a privileged taxation and different benefits to using.

With government aid, France is second with 7277 sales, followed by the United Kingdom (4,063 units) Germany (3852). This is the Nissan Leaf that dominates the European market with 7246 sales. Then come the Renault Zoe with 5,986 units and Volkswagen E-Golf (5067).

Since 2011, over 181 000 electric vehicles were sold in European territory. But this performance remains dependent on support granted by the various Governments. Without help, the electric vehicle is still in limbo.


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