A young woman bought an old bunker and did something amazing with it

wreporter.com wants to share with you the story of a wonderful project of a reality. We love it!

Back in 1942 this bunker was built in Britain as a shelter that would protect people from air attacks. After fulfilling its mission began to wane.

Once the war ended, the shelter sat vacant and became uninhabitable from decades of neglect — that is, until Elizabeth Strutton spotted the bunker for sale in a real estate office’s window.Elizabeth purchased the bunker for the equivalent of a little over $200,000.

In times of crisis, this “renovation” was a real salvation for Elizabeth, and expense required place they were justified. She then spent the next five years (and $150,000 more)

It was necessary to carry out a thorough remodeling the interior of the place.

The design itself did not change, but the ventilation system, drinking water and waste water were modernized residual

To illuminate the rooms was quite original solution. Special light pipes go through the roof and into the Outside letting much of sunlight into the home now.

It that what was once a bunker has become unrecognizable!

Now it is a completely modern apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious kitchen and living room for guests.

Of course it was necessary to make many decisions out of the ordinary, but it was worth. Elizabeth says for her there is no more comfortable place on the planet.

Some veterans who come to visit the new home of Elizabeth feel excited to see the change in location .

This is how no matter the difficulties, it was an abandoned bunker became a real home sweet home .

Material: dailymail


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