9 interesting ideas for a small bedroom

The bedroom should be a cozy and comfortable as possible, since it is the where we want then we get a day full of activities. Even the simplest bedroom can become the best place in your home, a place you will not want to leave. In wreporter.com we have some tips that can help you realize that dream.

1. It is better to avoid dark colors for the walls. Hanging paper or light colored paint give life and freshness into space.

2. On the other hand, you do not be afraid to use bright colors: a striking wall, a box with original shapes, shades of bright color (to match the wall) make copper inner life. Yes, less is more, be careful not to overload.

3. In many cases the bedroom also serves as wardrobe. Dark cabinets “devour” the space available, it is worth thinking about choosing light-colored furniture so the room look a little bigger.

4. As an alternative to common closet, you can use a space you have on the wall. If you do not want to use doors, we recommend using curtains (basic and sober colors). A good idea if the budget is limited.

5. To have on hand the clothes you wear most often you can install elements such as rods and hooks on the wall, so it’s easier to keep everything in order. For things that are not necessary every day worth installing shelves.

6. Minimalism has been and will be a suitable style for small rooms. Leave there only the most necessary furniture and the interior will not give the feeling of being overloaded. Add interesting decorative elements.

7. If it is a student’s room, then it will be necessary to have a desk. In that case all the furniture in the room should be compact and very functional. Try to locate the desktop in a place with good lighting.

8. Children or adolescents look much better bedrooms painted in bright colors. As for the furniture, once again resorting to minimalism, although you can install shelves to make room for toys or books.

9. The beds which offer the possibility of having two different folding bunk beds and they are an excellent choice to accommodate the visit, also take up very little space.

Cover photo: nickhomedesign


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