45 phrases that will make your child feel happier

45 Frases que harán que tu hijo se sienta más feliz

45 phrases that will make your child feel more happy

These sentences are simple and obvious but behind each lies a psychological reason worth saying them. When spoken, you are expressing your love and respect, how important they are to you the achievements of your son and your support in their defeats.

/Wreporter.com expected to be useful to you each one of the parents who read them.

  1. I’m proud of you. Even if you were not as you are, as would be proud of you.
  2. I believe in you.
  3. I know that lately we have not agreed, but I want you to know I love you no matter if we share the same point of view or not.
  4. is fantastic how __________ (positive adjective) you are.
  5. Sure you can feel ____________, I understand and I want you to know that I love you as you are.
  6. No matter how much or how severe your mistake, I will always be happy to know that you’re my son and you can have my forgiveness.
  7. I’ve seen ____________. I’m proud of you!
  8. I forgive you, let the bad in the past, okay?
  9. I want to spend the whole afternoon with you what would you do?
  10. remember when you__________. I felt tan___________. I do not know if it’s something like what happens to you now, but for me it was a difficult period.
  11. I am very sorry for _______ Can I forgive?
  12. I brought you this. So, without further.
  13. I’ve noticed that you do not do as well, especially when you ____________. Is there something I can help you?
  14. Yes, no food at home :)
  15. I really like you ___________. You might actually learn a lot from you about that.
  16. That was really a good decision.
  17. Nothing routine tasks today, what would you say _______?
  18. I trust you.
  19. I see that you are becoming a good man / woman. That’s great!
  20. Go and sleep until tomorrow. In the morning we can start again.
  21. had no idea you could do that you surprise me pleasantly!
  22. What do you think of that?
  23. ‘ve canceled your appointment dentist. Are we going for a walk?
  24. so loved your father / mother! He / she is as ____________.
  25. I like being around you.
  26. I’m glad you’re home.
  27. Thank you!
  28. ___________ I love you!
  29. You are the best gift I received.
  30. I am proud and happy when you’re around.
  31. You handled the situation well.
  32. have prepared the / the _____________ that you like.
  33. That _______ will you well!
  34. If were you I would feel ________ What about you do you feel?
  35. Could you turn up the volume to music?
  36. I sent a large package full of things to like it. (If you live far away).
  37. You acted courageously.
  38. Have I managed to understand you?
  39. If there was one thing you could change about myself, as your father / mother. What would it be?
  40. You have a real talent for ____________.
  41. Are we going together to visit someone?
  42. I like to see you grow.
  43. I miss you a lot, but I’m happy that you’re having fun.
  44. You make me happy with just being close to me.
  45. I love you very much

Source: oppps
Translation and adaptation
Cover photo: Ivan Troyanovsky

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