20 photos that make you think about a single question: How

There are things and situations in the world will always be a mystery. 20 pictures. Here falls short of ideas to try to explain how it was that happened most of the things we see in these photographs. How, how did that happen?

it was sailing out there, I decided to go and drink a cup of coffee.

Together forever

Jack Spider, are you?

Well look I was very quiet when suddenly I got stuck on a piece Floating ice … hello? Hello?

alpinist lost love.

I told you come flying.

Well, I hope the bus as I please

the right man. Son, I know you like the monorail but this is excessive

And they say I’m a cow at the wheel

Look, what happens is that I am original, the idea of ​​a tree house is very simple.

Captain, I say it is very difficult to enter this intersection

I said “Park it between two walls.” Well, I did.

I think that here the question is Why?

Road accidents Hogwarts

Wow, this car really flies

For those muscular insatiable.

The tree I wanted to be an axis

Hello, Mercedes You can go out and play?.

What makes a boring grandmother

So owners cranes are parked

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