20 photographers who are willing to do anything to get a good photo

If something interesting happens , scary or beautiful happens somewhere in the world, or if a small insect climbs a twig, it is likely that about a photographer is shaping the image for posterity. I must say, some are willing to do anything to get a good picture.

wreporter.com has 20 prurebas that being a photographer is a profession full of passion and risk.

Waiting until the last moment

Hiding under the snow

Wait half a day in this “disguise” for good photo

and be ready to run at any time

View the danger “face to face”

and overcome fear of heights

Learning to stay optimistic

To find the correct angle

And do not forget who’s on the other side of the sight

Knowing that you can make a better decision than others

I feel inspired

Reaching the essence

have at least one goal for any time of life

and choose the right, even if it weighs 15 times more than the camera itself

Find solutions of the necessary time

and fear not know the face of Mother Nature

Being a photographer is to see what others do not see

For a good angle is the key to success

Hold your breath

and control every muscle

And then choose the best shots with a customer

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