18 objects that make life easier for young parents

For young parents to care for their children without worry so much, and enjoy more of paternity, the designers have created new items to help them in their task.

wreporter.com wants to show 18 items that are meant to make life easier for young mums and dads. Some are truly spectacular.

Suck thermometer

spoon with food container

cushions that can be wet for bathing baby

Cradle annexed to the parents’ bed

personal ultrasound device that connects to the phone.

Suck it automatically closes the fall, to avoid soiling.

fanny that gives Mom and heat the baby.

Coffee used to “mask” the medicine with normal drink.

Attachment for child shower.

portable potty for the little men.

included Bicycle with stroller

Mousepad put next to the tub.

“Hold” for bottles

reflective lining to prevent the child seat is heated by the sun while you’re in the car.

Case for diapers and wipes that can be hung near the crib.

child shop to walk to nature.

Camara to observe the child, and can connect to your phone via the Internet.

child to the plane Hammock

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