16 Cats think they are very well hidden

Cats are predators by nature and are able to go unnoticed: be quiet and blend in with their environment … But not all cats. It seems that some think that simply bury heads and have disappeared! Wreporter.com has for you some failed attempts of cats playing hide and seek.

If I do not see you see me then you either.

Day Two: men still have not washed the dishes. I think that fear.

Nice try, but next time hides the queue.

Something tells me it’s best not to open the tap.

and go, pet the dog, to me or look at me, I’m not here

Cover me, friends

Go on with your normal life. I’ll be here watching

The downside of this is that half hiding outside lets you know where the other half Cat

The cache itself is not bad, but you forgot that you have grown.

This new operating system purrs what strange, no?

How has managed to put them back in their place?

Dear , Have you seen the cat?

Further, there is the toilet. I’m not here

The cache is bad, yes, but it’s a lot to be able to open the drawer.

Almost almost …

All right, just the slightest miscalculation

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