14 beautiful places where two rivers

In some parts of the world a small river flows into another without a trace, but also There are places where two rivers are of equal magnitude and instead of converging, they seem to resist being part of each other.

 Here for you 14 photos that will make you discover the beauty of this amazing phenomenon.

Jialing and Yangtze River, China river.

River Alaknanda and Bhagirathi river, India.

Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Bálitco North Sea and sea.

black and Rio Solimoes river, Brazil

The place where three rivers meet: the Danube, Inn and Ilz. Germany.

River Rhone and Arve river. Switzerland.

Drava and Danube Rivers, Croatia.

Rivers “Green” and colorado. United States

Tobol and Irtysh, Tobolsk. Russia

Rivers Chuya and Katun, Altai, Russia

Rios Moselle and Rhine, Germany.

Black Aragvi and White Aragvi rivers, Georgia, Eurasia.

Rios Kisha and Belaya. . Adygea, Russia


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