11 photos of teachers who really love their work


11 photos of teachers who really love their work

Perhaps each of us has had such a teacher at school or in college, someone who inspires us and really loved his job, someone who did want to teach us something. This post is devoted to such teachers: people who know how to win the attention and the hearts of his students, to learn something interesting and convey their passion. Thank you for existing!

A student came to class with his son because he had no money to pay a babysitter. When he began to mourn, the teacher took him, hugged him and reassured him without interrupting the class.

There are no barriers for knowledge

A good history teacher, nothing more.

The art teacher creates a work of art every day on the blackboard to inspire their students.

A true teacher knows not to follow the rules, when a piece of a chair.

“My teacher said that if all my class received a five examination, would dress Scooby-Do and bring champagne for all children. We strive and he kept his word. “

No woke him nor put fault. He was glad morning to all in the auditorium.

This teacher found a kitten in the street. It was her assistant for the class.

The class teacher of astronomy.

This teacher celebrating Pi Day numbers.

Professor of Physics . doing an experiment

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