Researchers have discovered that what is healthy for one is not necessarily another. If the time at which we eat, the sport that we do and sleep are taken into account in the weight loss, it is mainly the intestinal flora plays an important role and it differs very strong for one individual to another.

For the study, scientists have equipped 800 participants of a device that measures blood sugar levels every five minutes and measure the effects of 45 000 meals. To their astonishment, they found that this increases the blood sugar level of a depressed than the other. Thus, some participants have higher blood sugar levels after eating sushi after having fallen for an ice cream. In the case of a person, that were even tomatoes that were skyrocket his glucose levels.

Few “average”

As too high glucose levels increase the risk of diabetes and obesity, many diets recommend eating plenty of fiber , not to eat too much sugar and carbohydrates to slow the “easy” like white bread. They are based on averages, but as De Morgen points out, there are few people “average”.

After analyzing the data from these 800 participants, the researchers developed a dietary regimen supposed stabilize their blood sugar levels. In the vast majority of cases, the test work. Then they imposed a regime based on an individual scheme to 26 participants. Their blood sugar dropped and even the composition of their intestinal bacteria has changed.

The study opens the way to more personalized approaches. In the future, doctors and nutritionists should be eager to help their patients lose weight by offering a personalized diet based on the composition of their intestinal flora.