According to D’Hulst, it is not because excessive consumption of carbohydrates is bad for health, avoid that altogether is a good idea. For it, the measures more radical we take to preserve our health are totally counterproductive. Indeed, it has been sufficiently proven that most people do not persevere when they diet and after a year they display the same weight or weigh even heavier at the start of their diet. Also he advises people who want to lose weight enough to practice sport and to eat a little less without trying to follow fad diets.

In addition, according to the researcher, the view of Tim Noakes, highly publicized, is not sufficiently substantiated. Specialized in sport, Noakes cites the example of an ultramarathon athletes who are eating only fat. Gommaar D’Hulst believes that such conclusions based on anecdotal evidence, can not be transposed to the public.