What to do if you get stuck and no one is around?

¿Qué hacer si te atoras y no hay nadie cerca?

What to do if you get stuck and no one is around?

all have at least a vague idea about what to do if a person gets stuck and in an emergency could help. But what if you who gets stuck and no one is around to help you? published some instructions that everyone should remember and learn as they could actually save your life.

Jeff Rehman, a firefighter and paramedic with 22 years of experience thought of a way that each of us could save his own life in a situation like that.

The most important thing is:

  1. not panic, stay calm
  2. Kneel down and rest your hands on the floor..
  3. After literally taking your hands and let the chest fall to the floor. The sudden blow to the soil surface will take large amount of air in your rib cage and with this, the foreign object blocking the airway.


Cover photo: takzdorovo

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