Christened Feelgood, the new system ends the ProPoints that allowed members to measure their energy consumption. They are replaced by SmartPoints which does not only measure the calories consumed, but also give an overview of sugars and saturated fats, because as explained Olivier De Greve, CEO of Weight Watchers Benelux, Morgen, “100 calories biscuits do not correspond to 100 calories of peas. ”

The brand also launches ActivPoints to measure its level of activity. The number of points to be achieved corresponds to a custom lens supposed stimulate participants. Finally, the flap “smile” of the program is devoted to the psychological aspect of weight loss. The aim is to favor a healthy lifestyle that does not dwell only on food.

When asked by De Morgen, the expert Patrick Mullie supply (VUB) confirms the scientific character of the new method of Weight Watchers, even if it has doubts about the new points system. “This vision of a healthy lifestyle is of course not really new. One can only share it. However, I doubt that the new points system, in which the sugars and saturated fats outweigh, has an impact Additional outcomes. Someone who wants to lose weight will not eat six pieces of pie “he explains.