“Based on a comprehensive analysis of the scientific evidence provided ‘AquAdvantage salmon” meets the regulatory requirements “and is” fit for consumption “, felt the federal agency Drug and Food (FDA).

This salmon has been designed by the company AquaBounty Technologies, in the state of Massachusetts (northeast).

This FDA decision was announced after years of controversy about this fish, which is a kind of new Atlantic salmon which injected a gene from chinook salmon in the Pacific so that faster magnifications.

The FDA concluded that the company “filled regulatory requirements for authorization, including the food from the fish is safe to eat, “said Bernadette Dunham, director of the veterinary center of the FDA.

Health authorities have found that AquAdvantage salmon was “as nutritious as other non-transgenic Atlantic salmon and that there was no significant biological differences between the nutritional qualities AquAdvantage salmon and those of other farmed salmon in the Atlantic.”

AquAdvantage Salmon can be raised and ashore, in hatching tanks closed in two specific facilities in Canada and Panama, said the FDA.

This authorization “does not allow it Salmon is designed and raised in the United States. ”