To be successful, stay hydrated!

In order to function your body needs water. To prevent dehydration and its consequences, it is important to know yourself well hydrated. Particularly in winter, and more altitude.

As the sweat is 99% water, it is necessary to compensate for the loss. During the 12 hours before exercise, drink a sip every 15 minutes. During exercise, hydration should be regular: 100 to 200 ml, every quarter of an hour. Immediately after the end of the effort, you will replenish your supply of water and nutrients. So drink in abundance.

Sweating is also expensive in minerals, especially sodium. It helps to maintain fluid balance in the body and facilitates recovery. Sodium in fact, facilitates the absorption by the body of water and other nutrients such as carbohydrates. These are the fuel of the muscle during exercise. They are essential to delay the onset of fatigue. The reduction in carbohydrates can cause hypoglycemia, depletion of the athlete and a change in performance.

The cold accelerates the depletion of energy resources. Under such conditions, our body burns more calories to maintain temperature. This may facilitate the onset of fatigue and therefore increase the risk of injury. This is especially true in winter sports. But these risks are too often taken lightly by skiers. Yet they require extra attention, especially in terms of hydration and recovery.

To compensate for water loss, carbohydrates and sodium, there are called energy drinks and sports. Quickly absorbed by the body, they provide support in the effort and facilitate recovery by providing the necessary energy to exercise. However, they should not be confused with the energy drink Red Bull ® type, which are as exciting.

The 6 tips to remember
– Before facing the slopes, enjoy a hearty breakfast and varied;
– Never skip meals;
– Stay hydrated throughout the day;
– Bring snacks on the slopes: cereal bars, dried fruit;
– Load up on vitamins with each meal;
– At night, choose complex carbohydrates. But also proteins. They will facilitate muscle recovery.

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