L'astuce pour dormir mieux et plus longtemps

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In addition to breathe and perhaps also to the toilet and dividing cells, sleep is the main activity of our body. We know, but sleep is not always obvious. To believe the National Health Survey, one Belgian in four suffers from sleep disorders. However, scientists estimate that can cause his body to sleep better, without resorting to sleeping pills. And no, the trick is not to go to bed earlier. Sleep better and longer.

This week, the New York Magazine says “Sleep restriction therapy”. This method is challenged to shorten the period during which you try to fall asleep and to extend the effective sleep time. To achieve this, we should stay awake longer.

Although this may seem tedious or downright counterproductive, several studies have already shown that this method is as effective as taking sleeping pills. Like everything that is efficient and good for health, this method requires some effort.

Keep a sleep diary

Please note the time when you fall asleep (or start to fall asleep), how many hours you sleep, how often and when you wake up. Then conclude how many hours you sleep on average per night.

Determine a fixed time you need to wake up

It is important that you stood there and mettiez every day you wake up at the same time even if the Thursday you do not have to during the first hour or if there is a canceled Tuesday morning meeting.

Do not go to bed before a certain time

Let you sleep five hours per night on average and you have to get up at 6:00 every day : under this method you can not fall asleep for an hour. Within an hour, you should lie down as soon as possible.

Move bedtime of fifteen minutes

Once you are able to doze off a stack hour – that is, -dire you fall asleep like a log when your head hits the pillow – you can advance bedtime 15 minutes. Repeat this until you are seven to eight hours a night.

This method works because it is a fine example of self-conditioning. As you are punctured every time you allow yourself to go to sleep (without you tossed and turned for hours) your brain will associate your bed in a deep sleep. (KS)