This research was conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan and consists of two parts. The first é was conducted among a representative group of students, aged 18-23 years, the second with a wider group of individuals of 18-64 years.

And if the Final results of these two studies differ somewhat, foods that can make us dependent on them are clearly identified.

“They have many similarities with the classic addictive substances,” the study said. “They are more likely than other foods to cause a biological or behavioral reaction leading to addiction. These foods release substances called” loyalty “in the brain producing a sense of well-being.”

Dietary habits may vary by country. Yet most of us will agree on the fact that a slice of pizza (or two, or three) is good to taste at any time of day; that chocolate makes you happy; a packet of crisps (whether small or large) ends once begun; a packet of biscuits, once opened, rarely takes more than two hours …

We often say jokingly that these foods make us dependent. But according to the survey, they actually do. Not to mention that we do not even discuss sensitive subjects such as ice cream, sugary soft drinks and chips which is (almost) impossible to resist.

top 20 foods the most addictive

1. pizza

2. chocolate

3. chips

4. biscuits

5. ice

6. French fries

7. cheeseburger

8. sodas

9. cakes

10. cheese

11. bacon

12. fried chicken

13. pastries

14. popcorn

15. cornflakes

16. the candy and sweets

17. steak

18. muffins

19. nuts

20. eggs